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First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting this site. I am a passionate photographer with an eye for capturing beauty and priceless moments. From freezing in time those priceless seconds it took to say “I do” to capturing the tenderness between loved ones in a family portrait, I strive to find and reveal beauty with each click.

What is beauty? All known human civilizations have asked that question and decided for themselves what qualifies as beautiful. The ancient Greeks were fascinated by it and so driven to unravel its secrets that they devoted an entire field of study to it – Esthetics. The stunning buildings, potteries, and sculptures they left behind are a testament to the principles they have uncovered and a fitting reward for their relentless pursuit. Like the Athenians of old, I am deeply passionate about beauty. Every day, I seek it and see it in all that surrounds me; in both the mundane and extraordinary details of the world. However, unlike them, I don’t wait weeks or months to transfer it on a piece of clay or marble when I can capture it instantly thanks to the art of photography. My camera follows me everywhere I go. My instincts are sharp, my eyes trained to look for the next amazing picture.

My years as an experienced graphic designer and videographer have enhanced my skills as a photographer. They have sharpened my artistic instincts to know when to take the right shot at the right time. I would be honored to be a part of your next special occasion, be it a wedding, baptism, birthday, or reunion.

If you seek to capture and preserve your life’s most memorable moments, please give me a call…

I love celebrations! I love photography! I love Boston!